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Eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets

Which laundry sheets are for me?

Laundry sheets look different because well they are! We have worked hard to create a formulation that is 95% better for the environment but doesn't compromise on performance.

What goes into your laundry detergent is important not only for you and your clothes, but also what is left behind that goes down the drain

Both our sheet formulations have been designed with this in mind. We are passionate about reducing plastic waste, finding a better way and encouraging as many people as possible to come with us. Which is why we thought we’d take a minute and explain in a little more detail so you can make the right choice for you and your family. 

In the UK, we normally refer to laundry as bio or non-bio, the main difference is whether or not the detergent contains enzymes. It’s these enzymes and fragrance that can sometimes irritate sensitive skin, especially children and those with allergies and if not dissolved properly or left on garments after washing can cause itching and rashes (in the worst cases). Traditional detergents tend to use microbes that help the fragrance cling to clothes, sheets in washing. Thankfully none of our laundry sheets (even the fragrance ones) contain microbes!  

Hence the need for two products – Fragrance and Fragrance Free – and that’s exactly what we have done! Because we know you and we know laundry.  So for tough stains and heavily soiled laundry, Fragrance (because of the enzymes) is always going to produce better results. 

Our main ingredient of our laundry sheets is the soap concentrate for actually cleaning. These are soap based surfactants and glycerine all completely harmless held together by the PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol). This material dissolves completely in water, directly in the drum of your machine, to release the detergent, leaving no microplastics.

This 100% water-soluble PVA based sheet is biodegradable. Bacteria naturally present in water (especially in wastewater treatment plants) make it possible to biodegrade this PVA material. This material is approved by the specifications of the European Ecolabel Certificate. All current laundry sheet manufacturers use this method. But watch this space, we are working on something else.