We put a red sock in the wash!

Blue Earth Clean Limited based in Scotland, develops and markets innovative, eco-friendly, and affordable ranges of water soluble detergent, cleaning and professional sheets.

The concept of innovative water-soluble detergent and cleaning sheets accord 100% with the principles of:






Our products aim for the right balance between science, efficiency in cleaning power, respect for the environment and affordability. 

We have been developing and selling our detergent sheets to the retail sector (online and offline) since April 2021 and are now considered to be the experts in detergent sheet technology.

We are continuing our development work and we have now formulated detergent and cleaning sheets specifically for professional cleaning, for maritime, hospitality and travel sectors. We believe that our custom designed sheets tailored for specific cleaning requirements brings tangible financial benefits in many ways.

We offer an innovative and eco-friendly range of water-soluble detergent and cleaning detergent sheets that are better for users in the business-to-business sectors in terms of efficiency and savings as well as better for the planet.

Our retail brand is Wablu

For information on our B2B products, please contact Max Wolf at max.wolf@blueearthclean.com.